Gynaecology Service

As part of our Gynaecology service we offer a variety of gynae care in the form of consultations, fitting and removal of coils, abdominal and vagina scans, insertion and removal of ring pessaries etc. Our gynaecology service can be very helpful for ladies who are finding it difficult to get pregnant. Fertility investigations, diagnoses and treatment is part of our remit in The Laois Women’s Clinic.

In addition, we investigate pelvic pain, rule out ovarian pathologies and investigate abnormal bleeding, as examples of some of the other Gynaecology services we provide.

We commonly give advice on HRT and contraception. We perform smears for difficult cases when the GP is finding it difficult to do this.

If there is doubt about a pregnancy an ultrasound scan can help to rule out early pregnancy or can help if there are any problems at the beginning of the pregnancy.

We also perform endometrial ablation. This procedure is for heavy and irregular bleeding. It is carried out as a day case procedure and can prevent the need to perform a hysterectomy.

In addition, Mr El Kininy is one of few Gynaecologists in the midlands able to perform a procedure called a TVT (Trans Vaginal Tape). This procedure is for ladies suffering from genuine stress incontinence. It is carried out as a day case and it helps in preventing the necessity for a hysterectomy.