Antenatal Services

We take antenatal care very seriously and each patient receives a scan at every visit. We are very competent and have great experience (Mr Hosam El Kininy was accepted as a Member of the British Maternal and Foetal Medicine Society in June, 2004) in performing Obstetric ultrasounds in 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters. It is important to scan complicated antenatal cases on a regular basis, while explaining the significance of abnormal findings and recommending appropriate investigations of the cause and progress. Ultimately it is of utmost importance to decide and plan the timing and mode of delivery.

Regulars scans can help the monitor the growth of the baby, how much weight is being put on and able to rule out congenital anomalies to ensure a good outcome.

During labour we will be attending the delivery of the baby. If Mr Hosam is away for any reason another Consultant will be covering and they will attend the birth.